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I am a Berlin-based Brazilian photographer and film-maker. Curiosity is what drives me through my artistic research. My projects usually revolve around a few recurring subjects, such as feminism, the female body and its expression, intimacy, secrets, rumors, self archeology and the way my own performative presence is revealed through self portraits. Questioning as a practice brought me to experiment with different materials and techniques within the world of photography, from medium format to polaroid, digital and 35mm double exposures. Early encounters with the works of Francesca Woodman, Nan Goldin, Duane Michals and Emmet Gowin, added an autobiographical layer to my work. The idea of the medium as a testament of what was, a glance into the past, as well as an active tool for the creation and reinvention of memory are all present in front of my eyes as I stare through the lens of the camera. My commercial persona correlates to my artistic creation in the fields of fashion and portrait photography. Being very curious in nature, the possibility of “creating light” empowers and excites me in a way which is then visible in the final image, whether it is a DIY A4 glued on a wall in the public space (“lambe lambe”) or fine art prints and videos shown within the white cube of the gallery.

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